2020 Juries

Cagdas Kul

Cagdas Kul is a 29 year old photographer living in Istanbul. He was graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry. His passion for street photography has been lasting for 3 years with various photography projects. Cagdas became a finalist in 2019 Miami Street Photography Festival, 2019 Spi awards, 2019 Brussels Street Photography Festival and 2020 ‘212 Photography Festival’. He is a member of an international street photograpy collective: Through the lands.

Efe Caylak

I am from Adana south part of Turkey. I graduated from Cukurova University, Departmant of Chemistry. I live in Istanbul the city with thousands of amazing. You can experience the great variety of people living here. Street Photography is my passion since 2009.

Gabi Ben Avraham

The Street is not a Studio. I am an Israeli photographer (60), I live in Tel Aviv and work in a software company. After flirting with an initial fascination with photography and film cameras in the 1980’s, I went on to pursue a career as an IT manager and put my love for the still image aside.

Fortunately, my interest never disappeared. While the passion lay dormant for decades, all it took was the gift of a camera from my wife to awaken my inclination towards photography again.

Ilker Karaman

Ilker Karaman is a Turkey-based street photographer. He is known as his geometry-based photography compositions and his self-portrait photography works. His photographs were exhibited in an international exhibitions and printed in magazines and photography books. In 2018, his photo-series ‘In Pursuit of Myself” was awarded as a second place winner in the Lensculture Street Photography Awards 2018 and took the third place in the International Photography Awards 2018. He was a finalist in the Independent Photographer Street Photography Awards 2018. Additionally, he was among the finalists of Italian Street Photography Festival 2018, StreetFoto San Francisco Festival in both 2018 and 2019 and Miami Street Photography Festival 2019. He was a jury member in the Italian Street Photography Festival 2020. He is a member of international photography collective Little Box.

Julia Coddington

Julia Coddington is a street photographer from Australia. She is co-founder of the Unexposed Collective, a platform for women, non binary and intersex street photographers (and its branches, Unexposed South Asia and Unexposed Australasia). She is an administrator of @womeninstreet, a growing international community of women street photographers and a member of the Little Box Collective.

Julia’s work has been exhibited internationally and in Australia, she has been a finalist in international street photography competitions and has been featured in street photography magazines and interviewed on photography podcasts.

Julie Hrudová

Julie Hrudová (1988) was born in Prague but now lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She has worked with a variety of publications, including The Guardian and VICE News. Julie’s work has also been exhibited in numerous shows, on an international scale. In 2019 she joined the Burn My Eye street photography collective. Next to her own photographic activities, she is a photo editor at RTL News in The Netherlands and the founder of StreetRepeat, a project about repetitions in street photography.

In 2020 she makes a weekly street photo from Amsterdam for Dutch newspaper Het Parool.

Livia Belkova

I am Lívia Belková, born in 1987 in Slovakia. I majored in political sciences but I’ve always needed to express myself visually. I started with drawing, oil painting, the Turkish art of Ebru later, though my real passion became street photography which brought me recognition. I have two homes, one in Slovakia and one in Turkey. Both are small towns where I spend a lot of time searching for special moments. I love working with backlight, low angles and geometry.

Maciej Dakowicz

Maciej Dakowicz is an experienced Polish photographer and educator based in Poland. He holds a PhD in computer science, but abandoned science to focus on photography. He is a member the international street photography collective UP Photographers and an official Fujifilm X-Photographer. His interests are in documentary, travel and street photography.

Melissa O’Shaughnessy

Melissa O’Shaughnessy is a photographer based in New York City. She is a member of UP, an international collective of 27 photographers, and her work is included in the third edition of Bystander: A History of Street Photography. Her first book, Perfect Strangers: New York City Street Photographs will be published by Aperture in October, 2020.

Metin Ekin MG

He was born in Adana in 1975. He received a bachelor’s degree from Istanbul University Art History Department. He is continuing his graduate program at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Photography Department. He develops himself in the field of philosophy of art and aesthetic theories. He takes flash street photographs.

Nick Turpin

Nick Turpin studied Photography at The University of Westminster in London, in 1990 he joined The Independent Newspaper shooting news, features and interview portraits. In 1998 Nick tarted a long career as a commercial photographer shooting above the line advertising around the world for clients such as IBM, Jaguar, Microsoft and Toyota. In 2000 Nick founded the first international Street Photography Collective iN-PUBLiC which has played a significant role in the contemporary resurgence of interest in Street Photography as an approach. In 2017 Nick’s project ‘On The Night Bus’ picturing London commuters was published to much acclaim, he is also featured in Bystander: A History of Street Photography and Street Photography Now. Nick has taught Street Photography for Tate Modern, The Discovery Channel, Apple and is an Associate Lecturer in Photography at Oxford Brookes University.
Nick is currently based in London recording the deserted streets of the financial district for his project ‘Exodus’.

Nurten Kurt

I was born in 1983 in Trabzon. I graduated from 19 Mayıs University Faculty of Education in 2004. I am currently attending Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Photography Department, where I started in 2017. I continue my work with concepts that focus on street, life and philosophy, introversions, changing nature and street life. Listening to Edward Weston saying “When will I hear Bach’s music in my photographs”; I try to produce the rhythm and balance in nature with an eye who likes to look for the street. The magic in the photograph, experienced neither late nor early; I believe it is in the moment and feeling.

Sami Ucan

I am 38 years old and live in Istanbul. I am working as a survey engineer in a public agency. I’m pursuing my adventure of photography, which I started in 2008, with an ever growing enthusiasm.

I have won awards in national and international contests within the past years. My photographs have been published in magazines. I have made presentations and sessions in photography associations. I am observing life out on streets and trying to photograph it.

Sometimes, while taking photographs, just like a poet beginning the first verse of a poem, a window opens in my heart and I watch everything that’s happening through that window. I consider it a great opportunity to witness time and to preserve it through photographs. I am washed over by an inexpressible happiness when I catch a good shot.

Serkan Tekin

Serkan Tekin is a street photographer who lives in Istanbul and is in love with the streets of Istanbul. He interprets the streets using different techniques; He mainly uses geometric contents, interesting-funny coincidences and humor as the main themes in his photographs.

He has given various seminars with the project ‘Istanbul: A Street Opera’. He also conducts various street photography workshops in Istanbul.

Serkan Tekin, who is a finalist in San Francisco, Brussels, Miami and London Street photography festivals, continues her street photography works with various platforms and projects.

Suzan Pektas

Istanbul-based freelance photographer Suzan Pektaş established her passionate bond with photography during her university years. Pektas, who has been actively interested in photography since 2000 and has developed himself with workshops and training programs, participated in the Documentary Photography Workshop with Altan Bal in 2015 and turned towards documentary photography. Positioning herself at the intersection of art and documentary, Pektaş continues to experience different concepts while intensively treating the individual’s existence problem and her relationship with her environment. His current projects are mainly on women, urban transformation and migration. Studies; Leica Camera, LFI Magazine, LensCulture, 6MOIS, RedMilk Magazine, APF Magazine etc. It has been featured in print and online media and has been exhibited at international festivals.

Taras Bychko

Taras Bychko was born in Lviv in 1987 (Western Ukraine). He graduated from law school and for some time worked as a legal advisor at a large state-owned enterprise. When his baby was born, he bought his first camera and then discovered photography. Much has changed in his life since then, but photography continues to capture him more and more. His photo was included in the book “100 Great Street Photographs” (Prestel, 2017) and his photos have also been published in Burn Magazine, National Geographic, Lens Culture, 121 clicks, Bird in Flight and others.He is one of the founders of the group Ukrainian Street Photography and is a member of the Little Box Collective.